Creative Training for Scholars



If you want to learn to draw, then this art course is perfect for you.


Do you love playing video games? Why not start designing your very own. It has never been this easy. Sign up now and start learning how to design your own racing, shooting, and platform or adventure games. Add sound effects, create crisp graphics and an exciting title screen. This is only your start to the most rewarding gaming experience. Eliminate the bad guys with a super rocket launcher, give your character super strength or the ability to jump over buildings. The choice is yours, let your imagination run free. What are you waiting for ? Enroll now!


Your inks will last forever, mum need not worry about her table cloth getting destroyed and your colours will be as vibrant and alive as ever!! Learn how to take your black and white images and turn them into colourful masterpieces. We will show you how to use our ninja techniques to get your illustrations to look top notch. It's addictive, fun and rewarding. Once you get started you will not want to stop.
We will teach you the same techniques used to colour our very own ninja warriors. 


Built for those who are fascinated by computer generated images and movies, this course will equip you with the skills to get your own 3D animated movie on the go. Fly your F16 fighter jet through the Grand Canyon or model your own video game character. View your models from any angle, add lights, splash on your textures and watch in amazement as your 3D Characters comes to life. Take control !!, after all you are the captain. Stop reading and lets start animating !!


In this module you will learn how to create a fully functional website from start to finish. You will learn about the structure of a website and what makes a website work. From there we will dive straight into designing your very first website from scratch. You will learn how to create cool buttons that will take your viewer to a new page with photos or some interesting information to read. With easy and exciting step by step instructions to follow you will be designing awesome websites in no time. With the knowledge gained in this module, students can just share information with their friends or students can actually start earning themselves some pocket cash!! It's exciting and educational!!


If web design, 3D animation or developing video games isn't your cup of tea then maybe this is the module you've been looking for. This is the starting point and foundation for everything graphic design. In this module you will be designing your very own personalised company logo, business card and letterhead. You will understand the importance and role of basic yet crucial elements of any business. Create a style, choose your colours, layout your elements, and with a few tweaks you will be designing professional corporate identities in no time!!


Start your design career early and become a master designer now.